Puppy Welcome Pack


The Puppy Welcome Pack is the ultimate gift for both puppies and their devoted owners. Every box is a delightful surprise, carefully curated to provide endless fun, stimulation, and training opportunities.

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Whats Inside A Puppy Pack?

Interactive Toys

From squeaky plush toys to interactive puzzle games, our surprise box is packed with a variety of engaging toys that will capture your puppy’s attention and provide endless hours of playtime. Watch them chase, fetch, and explore their new favorite companions.

Training Treats

Reward your puppy’s progress with an assortment of delicious and healthy treats. These mouthwatering goodies are specially crafted to entice your pup and make training sessions a rewarding experience. With a mix of flavors and textures, your puppy will be eager to learn and show off their skills.

Chewy Delights

Help satisfy your puppy’s natural urge to chew with a selection of durable and safe chew toys. From teething rings to chew bones, these toys provide relief for teething discomfort while promoting healthy dental habits. Say goodbye to chewed-up shoes and hello to a happy, occupied pup!

Surprise Accessories

Alongside the toys and treats, we’ve included surprise accessories that will add an extra dash of excitement to your puppy’s playtime. From colorful bandanas to adorable puppy-sized hats, these accessories will make your furry friend the envy of the dog park.

Training Guidebook

As a bonus, each Puppy Surprise Pack includes a handy training guide filled with expert tips and techniques. Whether you’re teaching basic commands or working on more advanced tricks, this guide will be your go-to resource for nurturing a well-behaved and obedient pup.

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